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Learn About the Illustrations of the Bible

The King James Holy Bible

The Holy Bible is the infallible Word of God. Many people from all walks of life have spent their time immersed in the Holy Scriptures whether for study, enjoyment, direction, etc. Assurance Publications, which is based in McDonald, Tennessee, has several King James Bibles for you to choose from. We have been publishing Bibles for more than 45 years. With our experience and with your desire for more knowledge of God we believe you will be satisfied with one of our King James Bibles.

The Jewish Heritage Study Bible

This Bible provides resources that illuminate and illustrate scriptures of the Jewish background. The text is an Instant Reference Bible, which places cross references right at your fingertips. It also includes simple definitions of difficult words, an explanation of the Jewish names for God, and the significance of names. In addition, this Bible describes Jewish festivals, clarifies religious concepts, lists common Jewish prayers, and describes the Jewish beliefs regarding the last days and the Messianic age. It is filled with full-color illustrations, including photographs and maps of the holy land.

Star of David

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The Instant Reference Bible

Experience a revolution in reference Bibles. This is the first and only Bible to place cross-references at your fingertips, where they are instantly available for you to read. This includes four important and valuable study aids. This consists of instant cross references, word clarifications that define difficult words, a subject index of the whole Bible, and a full-color chronology on the back of the book, giving you a history of the entire lineage from Adam to Jesus.

African American History Bible

Learn about African American men and women who have made tremendous contributions to the United States and the world throughout the 20th century. These pages present just a fraction of those African Americans who have achieved recognition by advancing civil rights or making major impacts in religion, science, government, entrepreneurship, sports, and entertainment.