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Teaching Others About Our Religious Past

Understanding our religious past is important in gaining insight about who we are as a culture. With the various selections of King James Bibles from Assurance Publications, you are able to take your studies of the Word of God even further. We are a King James Bible publisher that proudly offers our products nationwide. Whether you want to listen, watch, or read about the gospel, we have a product that is perfect for your taste. Our publisher has included helpful features in all of our King James Bibles, which make them easier for readers to enjoy.

The Holy Bible

Learn about the teachings of the Bible when you read one of the many variations offered by Assurance Publications. We have a collection of four different books that are sure to provide you with a new way to study the Bible.

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Experience an assortment of new and entertaining ways to read and learn about the Bible with our documentary, software, and gospel music. We help people enjoy the uplifting teachings of the Bible with our various products.


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About Us

Assurance Publications offers a variety of King James Bibles for people to enjoy. We are a King James Bible publishing company located in McDonald, Tennessee, and we offer several different specialty King James Bibles that will help you to a better understanding knowledge in the Word of God. The information that these King James Bibles contain has been researched for many years and now are explained in a matter of fact way, allowing you to understand the word of God in a way you never thought possible.

Dr. Gaddy Our President/owner, Dr. Everette Gaddy has been in the Bible industry for more than 70 years. We understand the importance of including heritage in the teachings of our King James Bibles. In this respect, we offer a Jewish Heritage Study Bible and African American History Bible, which cover information about their communities and allow you to gain a greater understanding of our world. We also offer other selections that would help you in diving into the Scriptures such as our Chronological Bible, Reference Bible and Kwikscan Bible. We worked with knowledgeable people in their respective field to create these King James Bibles, so you can be rest assured that the passages contained within them are founded in historical fact. These books will make a perfect gift for a loved one, or enjoying yourself when you are in the mood for an enlightening read or an in-depth Bible study.


Thank you for your interest. Please reach out with questions or comments using the information below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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